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Human Security Returns to the World’s Largest Tech Show

For the second consecutive year, the HS4A campaign returned to CES in Las Vegas in January 2024 to participate in the world’s largest tech event.

In contrast to last year’s event, CES2024 had a noticeable increase in use of the term “human security” among attendees, exhibitors and keynotes. Awareness around the HS4A campaign was raised due to our participation in 2023 and from the huge amount of visual exposure we were given.

This year, CES2024 attracted more than 135,000 industry professionals – marking the largest audited global tech event since early 2020 and larger than the 2023 event. The 4,300 exhibitors included: Lenovo, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Electronics, L’Oréal Groupe, Best Buy, Elevance Health, HD Hyundai, Intel, Nasdaq, Qualcomm, Siemens, Walmart, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Magna, Mercedes, 3M, Caterpillar, Goodyear, John Deere, Kubota, Midbar, Nasdaq, Panasonic, Siemens and SK Group. CES also highlighted the inclusion of UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, Amandeep Singh Gill, in their official report on CES2024, who was invited by HS4A to address the high-level audience at the CES keynote event “Leaders in Tech” and speak at a Great Minds session.

The HS4A theme was once again a central theme of CES2024 and the campaign branding and messaging was found at every event, public space and keynote. The concept of human security was mentioned by notable CEOs in keynote speeches, panel dicussions, and press releases. One example is a quote by Kisun Chung, Vice-Charman and CEO of HD Hyundai during his keynote: “Improving the productivity and sustainability of the construction industry is key to tackling many, if not all the human security challenges of our civilization. It’s about changing the way we build so that we can change our future.”

Compared to CES2023, it seemed as if the concept of human security had been accepted by attendees and tech corporations and was more embedded in their messaging. At CES2023, it seemed as if the concept needed explanation to an audience uneducated on the topic, but CES2024 saw an adoption and alignment with human security.

CES 2023 by the Numbers

  • 2.5-plus million net square feet of exhibits, a 15% increase over CES 2023
  • More than 4,300 exhibitors, including 1,400-plus startups at Eureka Park
  • Of the 135,000 or more attendees, a record of more than 40% came from 150 countries, regions and territories.
  • 5,000-plus global media and content creators packed the show’s media centers and extensively covered the show.
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies were represented.
  • More than 250 conference sessions, with more than 1,000 speakers, explored virtually every aspect of the tech that’s impacting the industry and the world’s populations.
  • The CES 2024 Innovation Awards program attracted 3,000-plus submissions, a record high, and included “human security” for the second year running.
  • Some 25,000 media mentions and more than 35,000 articles led to more than 277 billion impressions specific to CES 2024, of which many mentioned HS4A and the human security theme for CES2024.

The UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, Amandeep Singh Gill, invited by HS4A, addressed the Leaders in Technology audience on the importance of the Global Digital Compact and an accessible digital future, that ties into the adoption of technology as an eighth pillar of human security. 

Three Great Minds sessions were held between 7-12 January, and each was attended by 400-500 attendees. The HS4A campaign video was played at the beginning of each session and HS4A branding was projected onto the stage backdrop and on branded boxes on the stage. The panelists consisted of HS4A members and invited specialists in their field, who aligned with the human security theme:

What Are the Technology Needs of the Developing World?

Explored tech’s role in addressing global crises — climate, security, and development. Can it bridge gaps and ensure equitable progress? Panelists: Stedman Graham, Business Advisor, Chairman and CEO of S. Graham and Associates; Ketan Patel, Chairman, Force for Good and CEO and Founder, Greater Pacific Capital; Trammel Crow, Founder of EarthX; Walt Stinson, HS4A Excom. 

    Technology and AI Building a Sustainable, Secure, Superior Future

    A discussion on the unique impact technology and AI have in addressing our biggest challenges and enabling a superior future. The latest Force For Good report was also presented by Ketan Patel and discussed by the panel. The report includes notes on human security and acknowledges HS4A’s role in providing content. Panelist: Glenn Gaffney, Former Under Secretary General and Director of Science and Technology for the Central Intelligence Agency; Moderator: Ketan Patel, Chair of Force for Good and CEO of Investment firm, Greater Pacific Capital; Walt Stinson, HS4A Excom.

    How to Think Like an Innovator and Change the World

    Unraveling the complex tapestry of obstacles, innovations, and strategies required to reshape our world for the better. Panelists: Amandeep Singh Gill, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Technology; Megan Lee, CEO, Panasonic North America; Moderator: Garry Jacobs, CEO of WAAS and HS4A Excom. 

    Innovation Awards

    At CES2023 a new category — “human security” — was added to the Innovation Awards. The awards are an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. Entries for the human security category in 2023 saw a handful of entrants and 8 honorees. The 2024 awards had more than 150 entries and resulted in 18 honorees under the human security category. We hope to increase this number for CES2025 as the awards continue to position the idea of human security as a desirable category for consumer tech products. 

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